01 September 2008

General Things On Labor Day

I have been working on my reading lists lately, putting dents into them so that I can move on to the next stages of my TBR lists. I think my eyes are crossing at times these days...lol

This weekend, I spent a lot of time transferring my things from my storage unit to a bigger one across the way....my sister was moving, and we had no room to store my table and chairs-my sister had been keeping them for me until I had a place to put it, and using it at the same time....with the move, she didn't have any room, and didn't want to transport it an hour's drive when I might need it in the future.

I never realized how much stuff I have accumulated over the years!! It's no wonder I groan at the thought of moving all of that stuff into my own home when the time comes!

I must have countless boxed of books that I have only read one or two times, and wires and cables to things I don't even know what they are for!! It's so funny! l

I found things that I was looking for, and things that I wanted to throw away, but felt it was in my best interest to keep until I could go through and figure out what it all was...either way, when it's time, I think I will have a hard time with moving unless I can find a way to get rid of a lot of that stuff.

I will end up taking the books to a local bookstore and selling them there, and some of the clothes will have to be thrown away along with some of the sheets and blankets that have been sitting in that unit for so long, they are moldy and gross...but some of the other clothing may be able to go to Goodwill or St. Vincent de Paul...that would be nice.

I found my RCIA stuff, and most of my Catholic literature that I wanted the other week, and I was happy to find them....but still so much else to get rid of!!

I also found all of my books on writing and on Scotland and my Scots dictionary!! I am soo happy to have found those things, because they come in handy when you are reading Outlander for fun words!!!

This is such a lazy and productive Labor Day weekend, and I am glad it's here.....that means my favorite month is here: September!! I love this time of year. Here comes the Fall, and that is what I am looking forward to the most! I love the changing of the leaves and the changing scents in the air! We have so many family members having birthdays this time of year, so it makes it very festive!!

Pencils, books, teachers, paper....all of this is a signal for Fall as well, and I am glad to see the children getting back to school....they can look forward to Christmas break and Spring breaks...but I look forward to the school supply sales!! Being a writer, all of those things are fun to me!

I have also been getting into snail mail, and letter writing. I love this way of communication, and I am looking forward to having that excuse to use my new stationary from Hallmark!! I love the Hallmark Store!! There are so many things in there, and I love using my card to gain points and coupons!! It's so much fun!

I am also working with a few ideas in my head concerning my writing. I am thinking about joining a forum for that specific purpose...to share my writing with others and see what kinds of input I can get...should prove to be fun!!

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