17 August 2008

Natalie Looses, I Quit!!!

I am at it again. I am rearranging my blog. I guess this is from boredom, or from my need to make things as pleasant as possible. Either way, it helps a lot.

I don't think I really needed to learn the lesson of faith last week, because I already have faith....well, you try becoming Catholic, and see how much faith it takes to get there!! It's a hard journey and one that isn't taken without a lot of mountains and rocky slopes along the way...lol

This week has been a bit of a hard one...first, one sister gets married, and then, the other sister packs up and is moving off to Illinois to go to school to get her Ph.D.

Life is rough when you are watching the world moving forward and you are sitting still.

Even another friend is doing what she set out to do...loose 20 lbs by the end of this month....so far, she is one pound away from having lost 10...and when she gets to that halfway mark, I promised to quit smoking, and she will hold me accountable for not smoking..

So, here I sit, knowing that sometime in this week, I will have to quit smoking, and looking up sites and phone numbers to help aid me in this endeavor.

I don't find this such a hardship, because I want to quit smoking, and soon. I am tired of feeling sick, and having yellow fingertips...I am also tired of the mess it makes of my teeth and skin. Besides, I think that the idea of breathing is a nice one at that.

I am thinking that it may be a wise idea to go to a doctor as well, and have him/her help me out. I have the insurance now, and I should go see one soon.

Now I will just have to wait for the email that said Natalie has lost 10 lbs., go to the Hallmark store and find her a great card, and put a picture of Johnny Depp on her webpage as a congratulations (I promised her I would do that for every two that she lost, as well as continuing to "momma" her through-asking if she exercised, if she's drinking water, is she eating healthy), and quit smoking! Then I will have to clean out my car!!

This is going to be lovely fun for me!! Oh well, I will just have to use my forums, and writing as a substitute for not smoking, and hope that I don't gain more than 5-10 pounds myself.

This will work out for me...I may want to get on a plane someday and fly to Scotland, and there's no smoking on those long flights...lol I can also use that money I save from not smoking to go....wouldn't that be fun?!


Jenster said...

Your blog looks great!

Good luck with quitting. A day at a time. I love your idea of a transatlantic flight to keep you from smoking! It's brilliant!

Jen said...

I am totally digging you new layout Karol! Looks great!

Bless Natalie for winning that bet! I am here if you need me for support!