24 August 2008

Changes Coming Again/A Pleasant Blast From The Past

I am working on other areas of my life, it seems that I have been having a great deal of fun in other places, doing tons of other things.

This blog is going to do a drastic change over the course of the next few weeks....if you see posts missing, it's because a part of that change also includes those posts. I may even get rid of this blog along with the Wordpress and LiveJournal blogs because they are getting too hard for me to keep up and going...I may even move my LJ over here...it seems logical under the circumstances because I am not using it.

I am also changing things in a spiritual way. I am having a lot of trouble making myself believe things just to fit in to one group or another...it's hard to be this way. So, I will follow my heart, and I will go in search of what it is that I truly am.

Anyhoo...I had a blast from the past this week...an old high school classmate found me on my facebook, and it looks like we are hitting it off well. He is a divorcee, and I am sure that he isn't looking for much of anything except friendship, and that's fine with me. I am not on the prowl looking for a husband, just someone to be friend. He is very nice, and very much like myself...just being and taking one day at a time.

September is coming on fast, and I am soooo looking forward to this! I am tired of the heat, and I am tired of working in the department I currently am...I can't wait to get back to normal again, and get the heat of summer over with!!

~Karol Lynn

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