08 August 2008

A Better Week

Wow, what a week this has been! I have been walking in His way all week, not getting angry over the co-workers and their profanity. I have been chanting the word "compassion" like a litany. I have been having a great week.

It seems that when I let go of the worst, and remembered to pray, to go to Father, I recieved the greatest gifts. Patience was the biggest one...

I still plan to do something about the profanity, and if there's nothing to be done, then I will continue to do what I have been doing...putting in my earphones and listening to Christian radio.

I have been enjoying that a great deal everyday on my daily commute to work. The music has definately made an impact on my days....along with the prayers that I am sending out for my day and for my friends and family. It's such a joyful time in my heart to be doing this.

While I was working on the inside this week, I made a deeper commitment to taking care of the outside. I have been doing a daily beauty routine religiously since Monday, and there is a definate change in my skin for the better. This was something I decided to do after getting a haircut, manicure and eyebrow wax last Saturday-did I mention that both the manicurist and beautician are geniuses? Well, I finally felt beautiful because of them, and in doing so, decided to take that one step further and restart my beauty routine everyday. I am feeling good about myself.

Another bit of news: I have a computer at home so that I can get online more often, and that means that I can start writing again on a regular basis and crank out that novel I promised myself I would write, and it also means more blogging and forum posting...I know everyone is groaning over this...lol

I think that everything will be alright soon. I am determined to make sure that my Walk With Father produces many meaningful discoveries for myself, and others. This routine is a special one that requires sitting and reading the Bible (although, I am a bit behind this week because of all of the wedding things that I must do...), prayer, and just talking to Jesus.

I enjoyed my Mass last Sunday, and I am going again. I will listen to Him, and I am waiting to see what next week's motto will be...I find that this is a fun and inspiring way to get closer to Father.

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