23 July 2008

Celtic Thunder, My Midweek Pick Me Up!!!

I am in a Celtic Thunder Sorta mood:

Damian McGinty:

Keith Harkin sings his own song, "Lauren and I":

Paul Byrom (who has the voice that an Italian Opera would embrace):

And for my personal favorite, and the one I drool the most over...sighs....

Ryan Kelly:

That is one gorgeous Irishman!!

There is a Scotsman in the group, George Donaldson, who is the eldest of them, but I cannot find a video good enough to share George's talent, except maybe Caledonia or Ireland Calls, but I think I already put those up here somewhere...did I? I'll go check, and if I didn't, I will just have to show you the group singing together...has me drooling everytime!!

~Karol Lynn

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