09 June 2008

Working On This Site Again/Mists Of Avalon

I have not been here in a while...I just had so many other places that needed my attention, and I really needed to take care of this place. It looked so bare sitting here alone.

I have been having some issues with self lately, but they are being resolved as I realize the truths that I cannot hide from myself. I will probably explain this at a later date.

However, finances being what they are...July 1 is the target date for getting my own place. I have been saving like crazy whenever I can these days...and it looks really good for me.

I have decided to give Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley another try, and I am finding it a very enjoyable read.

I am thinking of starting my own forum in the next few months, for Marion. I realize that the lady in question passed on some years ago, but she has many titles and a co-author that may provide some great conversation concerning the novels...I want to start some sort of reading group to encompass a few authors of the same style of writing and genre-fantasy/Camelot/history/novel...it might be fun. I wouldn't be able to begin this until I have moved into my own place and able to keep an eye on it all of the time, but the ideas are piling up in my head.

This is a very hot day...I don't think that I have not experienced a moment of non-sweatiness all day...all week!! I would keep complaining about it, but why bother...it only makes the situations worse...lol

I will also begin to write again. I am reminded of the things that Diana Gabaldon has written about writing and being a writer, and I realized that it's not enough to want it, but to do it.

So, computer or not, I have been working on my writing. I am putting pen to paper in the old style, and it is so much fun! Eventually I may find a really great site to showcase my work, but I want to take this one step at a time....

Tonight, I plan to sit back, have a cup of coffee, and continue to read-I am torn between my newest love of Mists of Avalon, or Rosalind Miles' Guenevere trilogy...lately, I have been enamoured of Avalon and Fair Camelot!! Either way, they are great authors and I will enjoy my evening after a much needed shower and supper!!

~Karol Lynn

mists of avalon

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