30 June 2008

New Web Page....Disregard The Last Post

To anyone who saw the post that I deleted, please diregard that as ramblings and just apprehension on my part....I am just trying to find my way out of my own messes, and things will be alright soon.

I did post up a web page that I started...and it is put into the side bar here so that you may get see what I have been up to....it's a work in progress, so just keep that in mind.

Everything is going well, except work...and maybe that is why I have had such problems with my faith....you see, my boss and his treatment of customers and fellow employees leaves me questioning his work ethic and his humanity....I am trying to work and keep myself balanced with my faith, and how I was raised....I need my job, and I need the benefits, so I keep my mouth shut, but it's hard to watch him lose customers the way he does, or even treats them the way he has.

Anyway, BY THE RAVEN'S PEN is the name of the new webpage, and it is going to be fun. I am thinking that I want to maintain it as a sweet friendly site for friends and anyone who wishes to have conversations about just about any and everything....from books to what's on Robin Hood tonight! LOL I am hoping that it will be a success.

I may add in a prayers page or something...just in case there is a need. I am also thinking of many other possibilities, but I need ideas and plans....lol

Oh...I just had a thougth for a page...MY FAVORITE THINGS...and yes, among them is yon Robin, dear Mountain Celt!!! LOL

Anyway, I am off to find food...I haven't eaten all day, and pasta salad sounds fun!!


~Karol Lynn


Jen said...

Hello my sister! I am sorry to hear of trouble at your job. I was hoping this job would be 'the one'. As always, I am praying for you and will be here if you need me!

Love to you!

Jen said...

OH! I have just been to your webpage! Very cool - love it!