14 June 2008

Defying Gravity/Wicked

Everyone knows how much I love Broadway...and the Phantom of the Opera...but Wicked had it beat by a million miles.

I loved the fact that Elphaba-the Wicked Witch becomes a person moved along by circumstance and things beyond her own control, until she stands up for herself.

Glinda was a follower, but Elphaba was not going to continue to try to keep herself into a mold she could not fit herself into...she had to be herself...and that is how I see myself.

I thought that Glinda the Good Witch was a ditz, but she had a heart of gold. She never truly hated the Wicked Witch, they were friends and nothing could have ever change that....it is so sweet!

The other personage of this musical was The Wicked Witch's sister....there was a history and a reason behind her as well. Again, another person caught up in another's grand schemes and unreasonable circumstances....a poor woman hurt by the thoughts and feelings of others...in turn becoming wicked herself....

But the question remains: its there anyone out there who is TRULY wicked? Is there any one out there who is TRULY good? I think we already knew the answer to this, we are witches ourselves, and the truth is that the balance is always inside of us...and this is what I truly believe the message of Wicked was....

Mr. Gregory MacGuire may have twisted Mr. Frank L. Baum's fairy tale, but he gave us something that Mr. Baum didn't...the lesson that there are always reasons behind why things are as they are...there is a story behind everyone....and thanks to Mr. MacGuire who gave his book to become a musical....everyone who sees Wicked will walk away with a lesson in their heart and a great feeling....oh, and a new perspective on the Wicked Witch.

I feel for Elphaba...and I could connect with her right away. I loved her. I loved the fact that she finally took a stand against what she felt was wrong.....

In this video of my favorite song "Defying Gravity", Elphaba takes her stand, and refuses to back down. She wants Glinda to go with her, but Glinda has already made her choices, but their friendship and bond is not broken despite the opposite paths that they will take....

Here is The Royal Variety Performance of 2006 and the cast doing "Defying Gravity"...



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