03 May 2008

Rosalind Miles, Reading

I have found a new author....Rosalind Miles.

Her novels are set in the times of Camelot and with women in particular....

The difference between her work and Marion Zimmer Bradley, however is that while novels center around women, she does not insult any religion-Christianity and Guinevere come quickly to mind here.

The novel I am currently reading is a trilogy (everyone knows that I am the great lover of trilogies, lol) about Guinevere...Guinevere, QUEEN OF THE SUMMER COUNTRY.

I am enjoying the richness of the novel, and I cannot wait to read the rest of the series. I will add a blog about the novel and my reviews on it soon...(that just gave me a brilliant idea!!!)

I have joined a new site for reading, hoping to gain something new in my world of reading: Library Thing. I will add it to my side links in a while....but this place proves to be a nice place to find others like myself who love reading!!

~Karol Lynn

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