30 April 2008

Robin Hood

This past weekend, I was able to borrow all of BBC's Robin Hood, season 1 from the library...now I see what so many people are going on about.

This show has a nice message to it. I enjoy the timeless and modern way that Robin Hood is portrayed.

I was equally thrilled by the villians in this series. They are evil and bad, but the men who play the characters do a brilliant job of it, you can't help but love them in their own way.

In a way, I do like Sir Guy of Gisborne...you can see the brilliant way the actor portrays a man who is both bad and in a way wanting to be good for one woman...Marion....who doesn't love him. You can see his struggles in trying to make her love him...the man who plays the part is good.

Then there is hotty Jonas Armstrong playing Robin....I love this guy!! He is so cute! His smile is charming and mischievious at the same time...and his eyes are beautiful! I like the way that Jonas plays the role....charming, selfless, and goodness....

The entire first season was a blast, and I watched the first episode of season 2 this weekend, and I am looking forward to the rest of the season...even though I have heard some very interesting news concerning the end of this season, I will watch anyway. In the UK, they are on the third season, so it will be fun finding out how things go.

I am going to buy the first season of Robin Hood in the next few weeks, as soon as I can come up with the money...I have a feeling that it will be money well spent, and I will watch the series over and over...I love a great love story set in the 12th century...lol

I am looking forward to sharing this with others!!!

jonas armstrong

Jonas Armstrong

robin hood

I wanted to cry when Robin confessed his feelings for Marion in the last two episodes...and smack him...ah well, that is why it was so fun...the romantic tension (notice-no sexual tension, but romantic?)

~Karol Lynn


Jen said...

OMGosh! Methinks I have gotten my dear sister addicted to Robin Hood!

It's okay - fun is still legal and the only side affects are drooling and an occasional desire to lick the television screen. You can learn to control that! LOL!!

Meanwhile, my lack of self control has resulted in Mr. Jen forbidding me to speak to any Irish men and Jonas Armstrong is particular. Shouldn't be a problem!

Karol Lynn said...

You sure did hood wink me!!!

Love ya!!!