01 April 2008

Quiet Chatter Today...lol

Everything seems to be going well at the new job...I keep getting compliments on how well I am doing. It's weird to hear these words when I haven't heard them from bosses in a very long time.

The drive to and from work is longer, and I miss going in the mornings with the moon looking down on me, but this is nice too....I get to see the early morning sunshine through the clouds when it isn't raining here...and traffic isn't so bad that I want to tell people how to drive...lol
What is also nice is that I can stop at this quiet little coffee shop/cafe that is on the way to work...I had only been one time until now with a friend, but now I can stop by there any old time I wish to on the way home.

I gave my mother a target date Sunday on when I was planning to get my own place...June at the latest. She was happy about that (as am I-I'm too old to be living with my mother, unless she was too sick to live alone, then I would), and also had a surprise for me...she lowered my rent because my brother couldn't afford to pay the rent we were paying...so I have $60 more in my pocket than before...

I have a new thing to fixate on now that the new job is going well....my own place...you may hear me talk about it a bit, but I want to get away as soon as I can. I am not a person who can deal with being around people all the time...it's irritating sometimes when you are trying to do stuff and they keep calling your name or trying to talk to you when you are focussed elsewhere...ah well, what can I do for now, except think about the goals I have set for myself...and patiently wait for blessed silence and peace.

The springtime seems to be coming on now....the rains are here, and they smell crisp and clean. It's calming. The flowers are peeking out of the ground, and it's pretty....it makes me want to go outside and plant some more already, but my mom wants to wait for a little while....allergies...lol

~Karol Lynn


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Jenster said...

Sounds like things are going great! I especially love the coffee shop opportunities for you!!