12 April 2008

New Cars....Lovely!!!

Well, it's been quite a week. I haven't even been able to get online anywhere except to check Facebook.

My car broke down on Tuesday...two days before I my paycheck came in, and I am already broke...it couldn't wait until I got the elation of a first full paycheck into my system before dying...nope, not any of Karol's vehicles, not in this lifetime...lol

By Friday, I found out that my car would never run again unless it had a new or rebuild engine put into it. The repair shop was very kind, and didn't charge me for the work they thought it was originally....except an oil change. The mechanic also told me that it wouldn't be worth my time or money to do that kind of repair on the car because the car wasn't even worth it...I could have saved the money for a down payment on another car....that it is best for me to just use it for a down payment on a newer one.

Well, with the car, my paycheck and my father to help me out...I have myself a white 4 door 1998 Ford Taurus...and $175 a month payments and I only paid out $250 with the trade...the down payment was $500. It runs well, and the few things that are wrong with the car will be taken care of by the dealer, and if anything else happens over the next 60 days, we both go in half and half on the cost.

They were very honest with me, and they treated me like I am a person...and an intelligent one at that...they really wanted my business.

This place will also help me rebuild my credit, rather than being a buy here/pay here kind of place, they are actually sending my money through and to a bank, and that helps re-establish my credit...can you say "works for both parties involved"? LOL

I am just glad that I now have a very decent car, and I can begin the next stages of my life without much worry....I am looking forward to the future.

I have to say that the people I work with are awesome. The guys all looked at my ailing car and told me what they thought...even said that if they could, they would fix it for me. Then they offered to go with me to the repair shop to make sure that I wouldn't get ripped off by the mechanics...even my manager followed me up to the repair shop then drove me back to work...when the car was ready to pick up, she came back to work to take me over to the shop to pick up my car....and the owner has been so kind to me, letting the vehicle sit in the lot at work until the tow truck can take it away, and even giving me suggestions on car dealerships that he deals with that would give me a discount if my credit was good....all in all, I think I like this place, and I believe that I don't want to leave now....just because all of these people have treated me so well. It has become about more than the benefits for me now, and more about working with great people!!

Now, I think I will spend the rest of the weekend gloating over my temporary good luck....

No, I will spend my weekend reading Voyager and going to Mass...I am so grateful to Him for all of the things I have been shown this week....and for the wonderful friends I have found across the world!!

I forgot to mention that I am also now on a new site called WritingCafe.org...it can be linked from my Forums and Fun section here. I just started it, and I am hoping that I can find a great outlet there as well as feedback for my poetry and sometime soon, my writing...DG has once again inspired me...lol

It's been quite a week, but I learned a lot....

Happy reading my friends!!!

~Karol Lynn

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Jen said...

Congrats on the new vehicle Karol! The Father always - ALWAYS - takes care of what we truly need.....:) Love ya Sis!