22 April 2008

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day...it is one of my favorite days.

I discovered and explored a new park this afternoon after work...it was beautiful! There were so many trails, sites and trees everywhere.

This park had the most wonderful areas for children to play, and the picnic areas were awesome. There was even a doggy run area...so cool!

This park even has a volleyball court, baseball fields, soccer fields, and a pond. It's nice.

I must have walked every trail in this park, and it's over 2-3 miles to do so. I will be sore tomorrow...lol I just couldn't help myself, I was having such a nice time on those trails....

Sunday I got my hair cut for the first time in over a year. I have been living with 3-4 inches of blonde hair, under brown roots...well, I am having a blast looking at the past these days...I have had that 3-4 inches cut off, and I have discovered that I do have light brown hair...I haven't seen it in years, but it is a hoot just to look at myself in the mirror! I love the cut and style...and inverted bob for those of us with fine hair to fake a bit of bounce and body...lol

The new job and the new car are going well, even though I am still expecting the car to break down at any moment-old habits die hard...lol I am so used to my used cars being junkers, that I am half expecting this one to be to...but it isn't...just needs to get a check up at the mechanics' shop soon...

I enjoyed Pope Benedict's visit. I am glad that he was able to be in America, and I hope he enjoyed his visit. I will have to go back and find my sites to see everything that he did and said because I got a bit busy on his last days here, and couldn't get online or watch television to see what was up-we were busy moving my brother BACK into the house and me BACK into the living room....uggghhh!!!!

Oh, well, soon this will all be over, and I will be in my own place in the next few months, if certain things and certain people let me do what I need to do.

For today, I am going to bask in the glow of the most beautiful day that we have found for Earth Day, and reflect on all of the wonderful sights that I discovered today in that park....

My family has gone green, mostly for the money, mind you, but it's a selfish act that is selfless at the same time, and I am glad. I will continue on with this when I get my own place....even buy one of those water purifying pitchers and some sports bottles to save on the plastic bottles...my mom did that, and it's the best water ever! We save cans and papers, cardboard...whatever is recycleable...it's a good thing.

I love the earth, and I love it's inhabitants, and I wish everyone a Happy Earth Day!!!

Earth Day 2008

~Karol Lynn

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Jen said...

Karol - your hair looks great Sweetie. You and Miss Maya have a similar hair color ;-)

I am so glad that your job and car are all going well. I know it will continue to be so! The sooner you can move to your own place, the better! I am hoping for sooner! LOL!!! xxxxx