07 April 2008

Diana Gabaldon/My Jamie

I spent the weekend reading VOYAGER by Diana Gabaldon...again...lol

I love reading outdoors, and reading Diana's work is always a pleasure because she makes it so easy to feel like you are right in there.

But to read her work while outdoors in the warm sun with the smells and sounds of birds around you, it feels even more like you have escaped into Claire and Jamie's world.

I always cry when I read Voyager because there are so many sad things that happen after Culloden...so much we only hear about in history books, and Ms. Gabaldon brings it all to breathing life. The novel is sometimes hard to swallow, but I still love it.

I always cry when reading VOYAGER when Claire and Jamie re-unite, but I also laugh because of his reaction and the ale pot incident...gets me every time. I laugh over the little Chinaman with the fetish for feet, and over Jamie and Young Ian's interactions.

This was when I first fell for Young Ian and his inquisitive ways. I love to read the conversations between him and Uncle Jamie....fun!

I also borrowed the unabridged versions of OUTLANDER and DRAGONFLY IN AMBER by Diana Gabaldon from the library this weekend. I listened to OUTLANDER as I walked through the park, and while I crocheted....which I love to do in the early evenings during the weekend. I felt like I was part of the story.

I love hearing Davina Porter's rendition of all the different characters, and I am so glad that Herself was able to get the audio-books published in their unabridged versions. I loved the abridged version, but you miss out on a whole lot of amazing things when they edit the whole thing...Herself explains something about how this came about on her blog: http://voyagesoftheartemis.blogspot.com/ It's so awesome.

I just love Diana Gabaldon, and since I am anxiously "Awaiting Diana" with quite a few others, this re-read of Voyager raises a lot of questions that I would love to ask other "Outlandish Companions", and I will in a little while...there was so much I had forgotten...lol

That reminds me...some people have thought of their version of Jamie. While, I don't usually play along, I have my visions of Jamie firmly in my head...there is one man who comes close to looking remotely like Jamie to me:

He played Faramir in LORD OF THE RINGS, David Wenham...he is sooo cute!!!




David Wenham



Jen said...

I agree - he would make a very good substitute for the real Jamie....LOL!!!

And, yes - he is VERY handsome!

Jenster said...

Yes, I think he would work.

I love Voyager. Heck, I adore the first three books. Love all of them, but especially the first three.