23 April 2008

Bret Michaels' Rock Of Love

I have to say I am not really into reality shows...it gets annoying watching these people talk themselves to death about this and that...they why's and what happens...yada yada yada...
However, I have to say one thing, I got hooked on both seasons of Rock Of Love with Bret Michaels (of Poison)...I don't know why it was fascinating watching one of my favorite rockers searching out a date a' la The Bachelor, but was.

What gets me was the fact that at 40+ years of age, this man is still hot as July and built like nobody's business, and he has to publically go out and get himself a woman in such a way...
Watching the show cracked me up...20 women between the ages of 22 and 32 (actually, one lied and was 38, but she got her man...lol) all fighting in these competitions to go on dates with Bret...to me it was hilarious to watch them all playing football in the mud and simulated rain and snow in short-shorts and wet t-shirts showing off all of their real and fake assets....I'm thinking that Mr. Michaels was playing out fantasies here, and this wasn't simply for the women to get to know him and his likes and dislikes....you go boy!!

Most of these women were quite interesting and you could tell what they were there for....money and the "rocker lifestyle" that Bret goes through on the road...oh well, Brett gets cilicone, collegin, and little rocker wannabes, and they get the opportunity to put themselves out there.
This whole entire show is funny, every one of these women kept using phrases that had me rolling on the floor in laughter: "I'm here for Bret," "I got one-on-one time with Bret," "I need him, I love him...totally." Makes you wanna vomit or look at your other and start laughing your a$$ off, right?

There was enough tears (mostly fake, mind you) because they were eliminated or there was so much "drama" (another word you get sick of hearing, but it's every where)....the only thing we don't get on this show, which disappointed my brother, was the catfights-the kicking, hair pulling...ah well....at least you got enough yelling in the show to make you crack up!!

Well, in the first season, the girl he picked decided at the reunion show that she and Bret weren't compatible...she was the one I wanted him with to begin with, but in the end, he gave her too much time alone to think....go figure-give a woman time to think, and you are history...lmao.

The second season, he made the right choice, a sweet woman about my age without the implants and injections...gives a gal hope, eh? This woman was very intelligent, driven and ready for a real relationship...I kind of hope it works, but she is a television host of some sort...who knows...but it is still funny. The girl she beat out was mainly fake, and so ingnorant, it was sad to watch her leave the show, crying for the thousandth time that season...my brother called her Frankenstien...covered in tattoos and extensions...weird girl....lots of baggage. Oh well.

It's still funny to me to think that Bret Michaels would put himself out there like that, not once, but twice...it must have been hard for him to choose who he had to eliminated, but you have to give him credit...at the end of the second season when he let go of Frankenstein, he was actually shaking over the whole thing...must have been harder than he thought it would be...

So, I am sitting here wondering why Bret Michaels would put himself out like that....he is a smart man, has money, creative, fun loving, a father of two girls...why would he put himself out there just to find love sans groupies and super fans? Some would say it's ratings, but his new album doesn't come out until June, and I have heard some of the songs on the album so far, and it's awesome...I don't think it's for Poison either, they are still out touring and having great turnouts to their shows...

So, now here I sit thinking that if I were ever to meet Bret Michaels, that is the one question I would definately ask the man...another of life's interesting little things to add to my collection of interesting things I want to know.

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Jen said...

Good Heavens! I have never watched this show but saw Bret Michaels and Poison in collge. OMGosh - I feel so old now. LOL!

"give a woman time to think, and you are history..." LOL!!!!

Karol Lynn said...

Umm...they are still selling out every venue they perform at. Even Bret's band is doing great on the road!!

You gotta admit, he is still hot...maybe even hotter...lol

Jen said...

Well, they have more stamina than me - I will give them that! LOL!