14 March 2008

Updated News

I have some news I forgot to share a while ago, and just plain forgot about it...

I didn't take that job a few weeks ago. It was a part time job way over on the other side of town, and would have cost me more in gasoline to go than it would be worth it...no biggie, I had just counted on it as a loss and be done with it.

However, this morning, I got a call from the manager who was going to hire me for her store...it seems that they have a different job opening in a another store that is full time with a bit of over-time....I guess I am meant to have this job lol I don't know what the pay is, and I still have to talk to the owner this afternoon, but I should be able to start working by next week or so....getting rid of the negative and prejudice that I feel is permeating the two places I work at now.

What this would mean for me is that I will be able to quit the job I hate and not have to work for the second job, making no money for 8 hours a day...I will have a life on Friday nights and not have to worry about certain things.

This also means that by May I will be able to get out of my mother's home and into my own place...can you say "peace and quiet!" lol It will mean that I will not have to worry about stepping on any one's toes and I can have my own rules and freedoms without worrying about others.

This also means that I will be able to afford to do things that I can't right now...and when I can, the first thing I want back in my life is a cat...I miss having a little one laying on my lap as I am reading a book and sipping tea in the afternoons....and I miss having someone who cares greet me at the front door with a little "meow" in hello. I may even get two (you can't have just one after all *giggles*) as I can afford it.

I will be able to work my way through the physical things I need to get through-like a hair cut and color for the first time in over a year...I am looking rather scraggly lately...lol And I would love to get myself a manicure for the first time in years too...I am in need of some major work over here...lol

Also, I forgot to mention that my sister is getting married soon...the gentleman is quite intelligent, kind and very caring. He loves my sister and you can tell. He has this way of subconsciously touching my sister-face, her hand, just little things that lovers do without thinking about it when they are near each other just to have physical contact.

This is nice, because he has given my sister many options-he lives in Dayton, but would be happy anywhere that she and my nephew are, and she can keep working and going to school part time, or go to school full time and quit her job...or she can quit both, it's up to her. They are working out the logistics of where and when, so only time will tell.

I also forgot to mention that my brother's girlfriend isn't pregnant..."apparently" she miscarried when she was supposedly tasered by a cop when she got pulled over in his car (I don't know why she had been pulled over, but it seemed like a routine traffic stop-my mom said)...now I ask you, why would a cop need to taser someone on a routine traffic stop? She was put in jail for a night, and that's when she "miscarried"...weird, because if she were miscarrying, she would have ended up in the hospital, but she stayed in jail. My brother is alright, he had already suspected that she has been lying to him this whole time, because she wouldn't let him go in when he wanted to for the sonograms and things of that nature (not the normal visits, but the special ones)...he was disappointed and upset, but in his heart, he knew that she had aborted his child(ren)...and now he knows that he is capable, even with MS of fathering a child. He will probably move home in the next few months-about the time I am probably moving out.

Now, as of this past semester, my youngest sister has officially been on the Dean's List every semester since her freshmen year at Kent State University (she is a senior this year), and she is going to get her degree this year...and now is looking into colleges to get her Ph.D in English...she's looking closer to home this time because she will be getting her own apartment.

This means that my mother is finally cutting the apron strings with my little sister and maybe she can start being an adult instead of letting mom guide her life outside of college...it's good that they are close, but sometimes I wonder if my mom is having a hard time letting go of her youngest because she is the baby of the family...even if she is 22 years old, she is still our little darling. LOL My poor mother!!

On Palm Sunday (this weekend), I will stop smoking. I have been reading Jenster's Musings lately, and I have realized that I have been taking my own health for granted. I had originally decided that I would quit smoking by the time I was forty, and I am two years away from that now...and I had thought that I would do it on New Year's Eve sometime, but that never happened...so now, I am just going to do it...quit. I will have to break my Lenten promise with the "NO CANDY" bit by using gum sometimes too, but I think Father won't mind that one for the moment-or even mints, and a friend gave me a stop-smoking aromatherapy remedy that has helped her friends quit, so I think I will be alright. However, I will need help here-with accountability...I am in need of others who will ask how I am doing, and how many days I have gone without a cigarette, and I know that I have that in a few people. Hopefully I won't get cranky on everyone....lol I will gain weight, but that is what I originally want to do anyway...I have already resolved to gain 15 lbs by the end of March, and I have already gained 4-5 lbs already, and I am happy about that!

With the last week of online spring cleaning, I have been doing a bit of spiritual self cleaning as well. If you haven't seen it here on this blog page, then I will say that I have gone back to Father and asked for His help in understanding myself and what it was that I needed...there is only one way for me to go, and I deal better with Three in my heart, knowing that it is the right path for me. I do stumble on my journey, but eventually, I will get the message-He has always spoken to me (someday I will relate my salvation story-quite funny and quite interesting), and He always will!!

I am so glad that I am going back along my own path now, I feel like I have gained control of myself, and since I have said the words "Help me, Father", I seem to have gotten the things that I needed and wanted from Him.

Well, there it is. I won't be gaining any new nieces or nephews anytime soon (unless my sister changes her mind about the no babies after 34 deal-which she just might lol), but I will be gaining a new brother....I have a new job with new possibilities and I will stop smoking this weekend. I am also going to be making more changes in the future, and I am hoping that they are good for myself and others....I am sad for my brother, and happy for my sisters, but most of all, I am excited for myself!!

I am also glad to say that construction of this site is almost over. It would seem that things are moving along nicely, and all that is left is going over and catching up on blogs and various things...I will be on forums sometime in the next two days.

Sunday is Palm Sunday, the beginning of Holy Week for me, I will be a bit busy working on my spirituality, and preparing for the Easter Vigil, as well as working towards what I will need for my journey with Father...I love this coming week because it is the countdown to my second birthday-my Baptism...I am always happy to go through my own heart and see what I have learned and how I have grown...of course, I love Easter, and I can't wait to see all of my favorite kidlets dressed in their cutest outfits...lol

~Karol Lynn

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