13 March 2008

Celtic Thunder

Last night, as I was surfing through the channels, trying to find Showtime on Demand to watch the next episodes of The Tudors, I stopped on the Cincinnati public television station, thinking that while I was searching out what I was looking for, there would probably be a Celtic Woman or Acuna Concert they would be replaying or something of that nature.

Instead what I found had me stuck on the CET Cincinnati despite the fact that it was pledge week for the channel...I had already missed the first half hour to forty five minutes of the program, but the rest of the program (a two hour special) was enough to have me in absolute awww!!! It was a five man Irish band called Celtic Thunder!! The youngest member is 14, the eldest is 40....they are all so hot and they are very talented...read the bio and then cut and paste the first video first before watching the other ones....

I believe I was in heaven last night (even if I didn't watch The Tudors-that is another blog post).

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