11 March 2008

Under Construction & Online Spring Cleaning/Together We Go

Alright, I am at it again...lol

Page is under construction, and it is kinda messy. Pardon the mess. It'll take a day or so to cleanup, so don't get frustrated with me. There are still lovely sites I need to add, along with my forums....so that the page looks a bit like it's former glory...if I am missing a blog or a site, it will be added very soon.

I have been doing a bit of online cleanup lately, and I just got rid of a lot of places that were not exactly what I needed, or were taking up way too much time, so I deleted them. I am still wondering if keeping Facebook is worth it all too.

I couldn't get rid of LiveJournal or Myspace, I had invested way too much time and love into both sites, and there are several people there that I love....but the other places weren't what I needed and I didn't have time to work with them.

I do have a new blogstream, however, that I would love to use as a side to this site, and to make friends there....or maybe we will just see what is going on there.

I just had too many irons in the fire, that's all...it's time too just get myself organized and on with it...lol
~Karol Lynn

Oh, and this blog's name is changing to TOGETHER WE GO...it'll be a mirror to my blogstream-different, but similar...

1 comment:

Jen said...

Hello Karol my darling friend! I am liking your new look a lot - very nice! Can't wait to check out your Blogstream page!!

I am feeling the same thing about Facebook - though I feel obligated to stay with my Jonas Armstrong Fangirlies. So, I will likely keep it.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Love you Loads!! XOXO