04 February 2008

My Path/Helping Natalie

Jesus Falls the Second Time

I do believe that Jen is right about something...however, my path does have a label, and I really need to explore my faith....my path in order to understand.

Yes, I am a believer in a single God, I call him Father...I do believe that Jesus lived, taught, suffered, died, and as resurrected as well as Ascending into Heaven.

Jen, you are perfectly fine, Sister, you aren't sticking your nose into places where it doesn't belong, you are simply trying to help me find my way...and I do know what that way is, I just need to find a way to fit in in this world.

The night I was baptised, I had to "walk to the waters of baptism", which took me backward through the Stations of the Cross...this is a way that Catholics can live His pain and Passion...on my way, I had looked up and saw one of these stations-the 7th Station where Jesus fell the second time...I prayed in that moment "Jesus, please don't let me stumble"...well, I have, and several times, but I know that he is there with me, and He has picked me up on several occassions.

I am just going to continue on and learn my journey. I know what and who I am, I just need to stop thinking so hard on it...besides, there was a reason or 5,ooo why I had to walk the paths that I have...Natalie and Jen and a host of others are the reasons...but their way has disillusioned me in the past months and I am looking back to the path I have always walked.

Right now, I feel that it is important to share this with you as well:

http://avalonscroll.blogspot.com/ Please read this...it's important that Natalie knows that she has our support, help, prayers and love.

You see, I had always thought that our brethren to the North-Canada had laws that mirrored ours, so I was appalled at the lack of protection that domestic violence victims recieve in their own country...it makes me sick, and I am going to stand up with and for Natalie...all the way. She is my heart sister, and she must be protected...

I know that we have strong laws against domestic violence in the US, but there are still women here who are afraid of their significant other to get out or to prosecute...there are millions of women all over the world who suffer at the hands of these abusers....so do children...so, I am hoping and praying that Natalie's story and law-making action inspires other women to do what they can to get out or to change laws where they are needed....and for those of us who have never suffered at another's hands to reach out, in honour of Natalie and her cause to those women who are victims....remember, it's not just one or two in one country, it's millions all over the world...we need to stand up for each other, to be the sister to our wounded sisters...

The Canadian Military stands side by side with American troops in this war overseas, helping to keep our nations safe....let's use their example by American women standing side by side with our Canadian sisters to make a difference in how they are treated...and to help them demand their rights....
stop domestic violence

~Karol Lynn


Jen said...

Thank you for the linkie to your friend's blog - I have read it and need to read it again because I honestly cannot believe what I read - though I know it is true!

As for the other thing - you are doing fine and I shall firmly zip my mouth shut! LOL!! Seriously, I love ya Sis! You are awesome - and I mean that!

avalonlady said...

Thank you Jen,for your support it means alot ;-)


Karollynn said...

Stick your nose in any old time, girl...that's what sisters do..Natalie knows that one well...I have probably done it enough for her already...lol

And yes, this is an unbelievable situation to see Canadian women and children go through, it makes me sick just knowing that Natalie and her children are subject to this injustice.

avalonlady said...

this is why i love you karol,and not just caue you are nosy and overbearing(but in a good way) ;-)


Karollynn said...

That's what sisters do...right Nej? lol

love ya too