10 January 2008

Well it would seem that I am finally getting my thoughts and things together here. I am so happy to see that my blog here is finally coming along rather well.

I may end up taking down the writing blog for now and replace it with something else....I may end up making it into a reading blog and maybe go on to Writer's Dot.Com to actually write my novel there...there are people there that can help me out...or maybe I will find another writer's forum to help with it. Right now, I am having a bit of difficulty getting to write because I have so many books I am currently reading and so much going on-looking for a stable job, balancing a budget to stick to, doing a spiritual intervention on myself.

I am so excited....On January 22, my stepmom and I will be going to see the Broadway musical WICKED. I am so excited!! This is something I have wanted to see for a long time, and I am just dancing in the stars with happiness over this. The last musical I went to see was PHANTOM OF THE OPERA...and yes, it will be at the Aranoff Center in Cincinnati...I love that place so much!! My dad was supposed to go see it with her, but she had already bought tickets for another night as well, and my dad didn't want to sit through it a second time...even though he saw it last year too...I am so excited, I am trying to keep from doing a happy dance right here lol

I have to work at my second job tonight, so I will celebrate now by going to Starbucks and getting myself a bit of a mocha latte...[g]


~Karol Lynn

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