24 January 2008

New News/Heath Ledger

I was going to tell you some interesting news yesterday, but I got sidetracked...lol

On Monday I went out looking-as usual-for a better job. On a whim, I decided to stop at a dry cleaners...I went in to inquire if they had any positions open, and the lady told me that she didn't know, but the owner was out on sick leave...could I leave my name and availability with her and she would give it to him when he came back on Wednesday or Thursday. I decided to put down my experience at my present job and other jobs within the dry cleaning business, and when she saw it, I could see her eyes dancing...I knew that she was impressed. The lady asked me questions about other areas and my experiences and we chatted for a while, I told her that what I DON'T know about dry cleaning or how to do, I was willing to learn because I needed forty hours a week, and transportation isn't a problem. By the time we were finished I felt like I had done a mini-preliminary style interview...I left my cell phone and home numbers with her and she promised to let the owner know, and told me that if I don't hear anything from them, to not be discouraged because they may not need help right away, but sometimes things don't work out with the inexperienced new help because they don't understand the job...but since I have experience that the owner would DEFINITELY take that into consideration if anything comes up....

There is also something else bothering me....Heath Ledger. I didn't hear about Heath until after writing my last blog and reading WillowLuna's blog on him. I agree with you, my friend, such a tragic waste of a wonderful human life. I loved watching him act, I loved the fact that he didn't conform to Hollywood. I feel so bad for his little girl...may he rest in the Summerlands and may we always remember him with love...no matter what happened.


heath ledger

I am just heartbroken over the loss of this young man...he is about the age of my youngest brother...makes me want to cry because his little girl lost a father...and a father lost his little girl...for now.

~Karol Lynn

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Jen said...

It sounds like this was an a tragic accident. What a shame and I am sickened by it.

Sounds like you have a very promising job prospect! I will be hoping and praying it all works out for you!