12 January 2008

My Favorites...Men Of Course

Today is such a cold and dreary day here, I figured that I would post some pictures of men that I find handsome....

First off, Jen made me a convert: Jonas Armstrong

Jonas Armstrong

Next is one of my favorites: Chad Kroeger

chad kroeger

How about this one: Mario Frangoulis (a Greek singer with the voice of an angel)

Mario Frangoulis

Then there is also this: Johnny Depp (many knew this was coming)

johnny depp

Of course, this has to be put up as well: Orlando Bloom (my personal fav)

Orlando Bloom

And let's not forget, this girl loves the older ones too: Sean Connery

Sean Connery

Everyone have a great evening!!!
~Karol Lynn


Jen said...

Ugh! I need my drool bucket - quick!!

You hit on almost all of my favorites! Who can possibly resist Johnny Depp, Orli Bloom and Jonas Armstrong - all together? Impossible!

You ought to join us at the Jonas Armstrong Fansite - www.jonasarmstrongfansite.com - if you have time. I am whittsend there :-) We also have a couple of lovely ladies there who run an awesome Orlando Bloom fansite.

Now, the rest of the day cannot possibly be anything other than fabulous! Kisses and Hugs to you Sister!!

Jen said...

I have to come back and say something about Sean Connery. The man is HOT. Period. I love him and Harrison Ford both eventhough they are old enough to be my .....much older brothers. LOL!!

I figure it all balances out as Jonas Armstrong is an entire decade younger than me and I am not sure how old Orlando Bloom is, but I am certain he is younger than me.