28 January 2008


Has anyone ever watched EXTREMEM MAKEOVER HOME EDITION? http://abc.go.com/primetime/xtremehome/index?pn=index Every time I watch this program, I have to watch it with a box of tissues by my hand....
In this show, this team of designers goes out and rebuilds a family's home and their life in one week using hundreds of volunteers. With every family, they learn something new and wonderful about the world around them. They have helped soldiers and their families, children struck by diseases and many many others.
This show is getting to me today, because as I watched last night's program, the father kept saying that he wanted to be like the volunteers who helped him...I got to thinking about that. I tought about what my true passions in life are-I am sure that all of you reading my blogs could tell me, because you have seen it more clearly than I have...I want to be like them-those people who go out and help not for any gain, but for the joy of knowing that I could give more to the world.
As I went through my weekend, this thought wasn't just inspired by the program, but something that a friend told me about in her own neighborhood. Something that so angered me that I can't even sit here to think about how helpless I am here and this person is there in the world without help...maybe I can't sit still in this world....it's time to stop crying over the helpless and see what it is that I can do.
I went to the site for EMHE tonight and I think I am coming up with ideas on what I want to do to help my community, and affect the world.
Keep in mind, my friends, I am not out to set the world on fire, only light a small spark every now and then....


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