17 January 2008

The Gift Of Jen....

Over the course of the last few days, I have been reminded of friendship, and what it means to me....

There is a friend that I totally adore. She, like myself met through being quite in awe of one Outlandish series, and from there friendship bloomed...from book discussions on ABOSAA to Loraks and Nej's, to Awaiting Diana, Catholicism and religion.

Jen has been with me through a lot for the past two years-evictions, frustrations and confusions...I can always look outside of my little sanctuary, and there she is-creating the Spring for me and waiting on the path for me to start back along my journey through life.

I know she prays for me, and I always pray for her....she worries like a sister and loves like one too....she reached out to me, and refused to let go...

Jen always encourages me in my life from hers on that mountain...Jen is another person in this world that I wish to emulate...her heart is so wonderful, her soul beautiful...she has so many qualities that I want for myself. This is not envy, and it's something that is completely understandable for those who know Jen...she brings sunshine and spring into our hearts just by being herself.

Jen reached out to me, and without thought, I grabbed her hand. She didn't expect anything from me, and gives a lot to me. Her patience as I go through the Kookiness that is Karol Lynn, and her wonderful comments on me as a person warm my heart.

You see, Jen, because of the lessons of unconditional love you have given me, I am able to take it out into the world....I am not the only light who shines in the darkness for others.....I am not the only rose in this world!!!


Love you, Jen!!
~Karol Lynn (Lorak)

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Jen said...

*Sob* I am humbled, honored, unworthy and crying. What a lovely gift :-)

Thank you my dearest friend and Sister of the heart. You are a wonderful person and I love ya! You mean just that much to me and more and I am proud to call you friend and Sister!