09 January 2008

Changes, and What I'm Planning To Do Here

I have been making changes here today....

I am working on decorating the place, and have been able to add some links to great bloggers here....if there are any suggestions to other bloggers here, or I am missing someone I already know, I will find out and fix it asap.

I have also changed the name of this blog because I found this to be more fitting and less ordinary and less used by others elsewhere.

There are links to my Myspace and my Live Journal here as well....I am hoping to get some LJ and Myspace links up here, as well, I have a great poetic friend that I think that everyone will adore named Lilimist...I think she has a blog on this site, but mostly works elsewhere...I will find a way to get her over hear soon.



I have decided to start putting this blog to good use as well. Maybe I will put up a weekly report or two on what I am reading and maybe I will do some other things to further things along (Cathechism means learning and education-I think-I will let you know on that one)...maybe a bit of Catholic Knowledge, and what I am reading as far as Christianity goes. I want to make this blog interesting and worth reading for many, and I want to keep an update on myself.

I have been reading Life On The Mountain, and it has been inspiring me to want to do more with this blog...have a bit more fun with it and a lot less stress from this ONE corner of my internet worlds...lol

I am still searching for a job, and am working on my relationship with Father, so things are going well...even my birthday was special and wondrful....here's one of the views I had (I can't show you the other because he was a server lol):

Cincinnati skyline at night

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