26 January 2008

Catching Up/Brandon vs. Heath

I am trying to get caught up on my blogs...with so many ups and downs this week, I am all but exhausted over everything...and I am ready to curl up and read a good book while sipping something hot for the rest of the weekend.

Actually, later on tonight, I plan to watch Cold Mountain and just veg out.

Given Heath Ledger's death this past Tuesday, I am reluctant to watch the other one that I had been planning to watch-The Patriot, too close to the heart. I will probably refrain from watching any of Heath's movies for about 2-4 months as a sign of mourning for him...I did the same thing with John Candy-only that lasted a year...

I hate to repeat the same things over and over, but I am just ready to get my life back on the move again. I don't like the job I am at, and I am working on finding a new job, but every now and then it gets frustrating to go out and look...

And the weather isn't helping lately. I just noticed Jen's weather forcaster on her page, and it looks like we are both sharing the same cold weather...only no snow here. I just can't wait until Spring, I am hoping it hurries up and gets here...lol

I wanted to address Heath Ledger's death, and the media's handling of it. It has made me so angry how they are so quick to assume the worst of the young man. Without thinking, and without CONCLUSIVE Autopsy reports, they have jumped to conclusions and made him look bad. What are they going to do when the reports come back that it was something totally unexpected with the medications he had taken? He was suffering from anxiety, stress and insomnia...and if that wasn't bad enough, he was fighting bronchitis....come on, get raal...and the business with Mary Kate Olsen is a big fat joke...leave the man alone.

All of this is going on while a family is taking their son home to be laid to rest, away from them...and a little girl is asking why they are putting Daddy into the ground. A lover is weeping because her best friend is gone, and a father, Mother and sister are asking what happened? Where was everyone while their son was dying...needing answers. So sad, and the media is busy destroying this man's reputation.

Now, one other thing is getting to me....Heath's last role is bothering me....the Joker in Batman. He bares a striking resemblance to another actor who died young-Brandon Lee, who played Eric Draven in the movie THE CROW....now, Brandon was killed on the set by a prop accident, but it's the connection with Brandon's father (Bruce Lee's) death that has me thinking-you never know. Bruce Lee was allergic to Canabus/Marijuana, and they found it in his stomach-a prescribed analgesic that one of his friends gave him when he said he had a bad headache.....could it be? Odd connections for me to make, but it seems plausible...an unknown medication allergy on Heath Ledger's part could have been a possibility.

~Karol Lynn

Amy Brown

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