17 December 2007


Yesterday at Mass, I recieved a message that I needed to hear....

As the Liturgy of the Word came to a close....it was the one where John the Baptist sends his disciples to ask Jesus if He is the One, and Jesus answers in a way that gives the imprisoned John the hope he needs for patience.

Our homily was given by one of the wonderful Fransican priests who give so much love and such wonderful messages just by being themselves and loving Father and Christ...trying to live as the examples set by St. Frances....

I digressed, but in the homily, our dearest Fransican spoke of patience and how it's hard to do so in the world of instant gratification-fast food, prompt service every where we go. Sometimes patience is hard with these things right where we need them to be.

His words make sense to me...be patient, things will happen as they should, and you will recieve what you need from Father. With all of the holiday comings and goings, I am going to try just that...patience. I will wait to work on some of my mission statement-the job and new home part for now because everything else needs to be taken care of first...on is my relationship with Father-I need to repair this one, and remember how to pray to Him, something I got out of the habit of doing and now I am having a bit of trouble reaching out to ask Him for anything....unless it's for others.

It's been cold here, snow and rain, slush and temperatures in the teens today and this weekend...it's alright because I think of all of the people in the world who had to deal with ice storms and huge blizzard conditions this past week and weekend, and I am thankful that we got the least of the bad weather here. I was just thankful that I could go to Mass yesterday to hear the message I needed to hear-I looked outside thinking that it would be absolutely horrible outside, buta when I saw that it wasn't bad, only cold, I thought to myself "if Jesus can go out into a dry, hot desert for 40 days, you can take that ten minute drive to St. Andrew's Parish in Milford, Ohio, and attend an hour long Mass." So I went, and I was greatly rewarded.

The countdown to Christmas is on, and I have three people to buy for and haven't even begun to shop!! I am not lazy, just been broke and the weather has been bad recently...but I am going to go today, or tomorrow....either way, I am going soon. lol

I finished re-posting all of my poetry on my other blog here. I am ready to begin the next chapter of my poetic self. It may not begin for a little while, but I know that I will be going to that blog first to post....now I will just enjoy the Christmas season and write as it comes.

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Jen said...

Good for you! Getting to Mass will do wonders for your spirit :)

I am finished with my Christmas shopping - thank goodness. I do not envy you Sister!