29 December 2007

Happy New Year/Been Sick Again


I have not been able to get on lately, because I have been battling it out with a nasty sinus infection since last Saturday...I am better now, but it is slow going in getting better.

Well, 2007 is almost over, and I will be honest and say that I am very happy to see it go. I did not have a great time of it this year, so I am looking forward to 2008. I have plans to make my life better in the coming year.

I will begin with my relationship with the Father, as usual...lol Yes, I am going to continue to work with Him to bring myself back to where I need to be to fulfill that particular dream.

Next is finding that job, as I have mentioned in previous posts...after the First of the Year, I will begin to look for a new job. I have not set a date to have this new job by because I know it takes time...it will be a job that offers benefits and an opportunity for good hours and time off for the things I want to do with my life.

Next is taking care of me....I have neglected to do even the basics of a routine for the past year or so, and my skin is showing it....flaky, and black heads-yes, this can be the weather, but it is also because I haven't been working to take care of my skin like I once did...and I did that religiously for years-it's time to go back to caring about me.

On this agenda is another goal, to get out of my mother's home...everyone knows this one, however, I have decided not to rush this one, and wait to set a date because I want to find a good job first.

Then there is the obvious...financial stability. I want to be able to have all of my debts paid off as soon as I can...I am already seeing the debts going down, and there is a ray of sunshine on that front, so that won't take too long.

Also on this list is GETTING ORGANIZED!!! I need to organize and balance out my time better so that I can get everything done. I will go in a while to get filler paper for my original organizer, and start using it and planning the things out that need to be planned.

I have also said this, and I will again...I want to write, and I want to start doing something for that soon. I have an idea or two still in my head, and I want to start working on that as well.

Now, on to recent news...

First of all, my brother is going to be a father, and last week they found out that his girlfriend is having twins...I am thinking that they will be fraternal twins because identical twins come from the father's side usually, and there isn't a history of twins of any kind in our family. It looks like my life just got a little more interesting-now I won't just have my favorite little guy to call me aunt anymore, but a grand total of three who will call me that (I hope one of them is a girl...lol).

Next, Christmas was alright. My dad surprised me by buying me a suede coat for Christmas. WOW!!!! I had fun with my family, and we met my sister's boyfriend, and he seems very nice and intelligent...that is good because he will be in my nephew's life for a while, I am guessing. Grandma and Aunt were their usual selves and bought me clothes when I specifically told them not to because my weight has fluctuated for the past 8 months and I don't like getting clothes for Christmas. Other than that, everything went well, and I enjoyed being with family even if I was ill the entire time.

I have had this nasty sinus infection since last Saturday, and have been miserable. I finally went to the doctor and he gave me antibiotics and a cough suppressant for this....I am feeling better, and I rested while I went back and forth between Diana Gabaldon's Voyager, and Sara Douglass' WAYFARER REDEMPTION over the past few days. I was supposed to stay off work for the time being, as the doctor prescribed...but I couldn't and the doctor and I compromised-I didn't work at my second job because I had to be around people as a waitress...and with my first job I am back in the corner by myself-even the pregnant woman wouldn't be affected by my illness.

Now, I have another three day weekend that I am going to enjoy!! I am going to rest some more, take in liquids as the doctor prescribed and read until New Year's Eve.

I found this, and it is one of my favorite Catholic symbols....




Jen said...

Hey Sister!

I am sorry to hear you are feeling under the weather. Hope this note finds you well and back up to snuff.

I go that new cell phone I wanted and so will be going mobile - just like you - once I get everything figured out! LOL! Will update you on that when Houston (me) figures out what the heck is what!

Clothes for Christmas? I hate getting clothes as well. The nice thing is that you can return those items and get something that fits and is to your taste. Then, suggest gifts cards. They always fit just right! ;)

More later Sis! Chat soon! Enjoy your New Year's Eve. I will be here at home tonight working online. XOOXOXOXOX!

Rosemary said...

Happy New Year Karol!!!
Get well soon dear friend,