10 December 2007

I Have Forgotten Something Important...

In my way, I have forgotten something important:

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I am not trying to confuse anyone. I am definitely trying not to confuse myself.

However, I do feel that the female voice that has been calling my name isn't a goddess, but perhaps the Queen of Heaven...the Holy Mother, The Virgin Mary calling out to me to listen to her son.

This explains why I have been going back and praying the Rosary-the Marian and the Divine Mercy-over the past two or three days. I needed to hear Her, and not whatever it was that my mind tried to make it out to be. So, I think I will just continue to go to Mass, and to read any and everything spiritual that I can.

I think my problem is that I am looking at this from a spirituality perspective more than from any other way. It's not about my salvation or anything like that, but a need to connect with Someone higher....not some un-named goddess or god, but with the one I called Father on more than many occasions.

Continue to pray for me in this one, I am slowly working my way through. I am also celebrating the Advent so that with the Coming of Our Salvation, I think I will be able to reconnect with that which I have always know to be in my heart....

My mission statement is inside my heart and my head for the moment, and I will get it out here soon. I just want to make sure that I have everything...from spirituality to health to financial. I am going to write it out this evening-can't tomorrow night because I will be going to hand out Christmas gifts to the Veterans in the VA Hospital in Georgetown, Ohio....

The Veteran's Hospital is such a nice facility, but it is also sad to see our Veterans left there. I think that this will be good for my heart to go and be with them, to say yet again, THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HAVE DONE....just by giving a gift and a smile to warm their evening. THAT is the way I become like Jesus, I guess. It's just something that makes my heart feel warm inside...to know that I have given love to those who are far better than I could have ever been....especially those vets from Nam and Korea and WWII.

Before I take the Eucharist, I usually say this:
"Father, make me clean and worthy to take in the Body and Blood of your Son, Jesus Christ, so that I may become like Him in the world."

After Eucharist, I say this:
"Father thank you for making my worthy to receive Your Son, now show me, guide me, and help me become like Jesus Christ in the world."

And every time I leave after Mass, I say these words:
"Help me go and spread Your Love."

I guess that Father does work in the greatest of ways, because He finds ways for me to do the very thing that my heart usually desires.....now why did I EVER FORGET THAT!!!!

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Amen, amen, I say to You...Thank you for not forsaking me....but forgive me for forsaking You

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