18 December 2007

Do You Remember This Christmas Song?


I remember hearing this for the first time at Christmas around 1986...I was sixteen years old. It made me cry, and I believe that this was the first time that the window opened for me.

You see, we all have a window that we can open and shut on the world when it gets to be too much. Some people shut that window the minute bad things happen and don't think about it...that isn't so for me-whether it's the War now, or the elections, children being murdered in our own country or starving across an ocean, I usually watch and watch until I have made myself sick with it...I care to much and I cannot shut that particular window.

Maybe Father never intended for me to shut that window, and when it was first opened that year, I actually participated in the events of the time, and listened to the other song that came out that year....maybe I am supposed to do something out there, but I have yet to figure it out yet.

So, here I sit, thinking about St. Theresa of Calcutta, better known as Mother Theresa of Calcutta, and what she had once said about helping others: "You just start with one...", and so maybe if I begin with one thing, and one person, then move on to the next, maybe someday I will figure out what it is that I am supposed to do with myself in this world, and where I will be most needed.

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Jen said...

Oh Goodness! I am having an 80s flashback! LOL

Great post Karol!