10 November 2007


I think I am burnt out. I have not had a real day of in 14 days, so I believe that my attitude and patience went flying out the window today. Maybe I will take a nap when I get home, I need it bad.

I have been doing something new lately. I have been fantasizing about being in that new job (assuming that I get the second interview first, and the job second), and having a new home. Doing this helps lift my spirits while I am doing a job that is really starting the get on my nerves. I think about what it's going to be like, and what I am going to get to do...what I will need after we move my stuff in. I am getting very excited about the endless possibilities.

I wanted to say that I do love my mother and I am grateful and thankful that she has been there and has helped me, but sometimes I feel like she isn't doing it because she loves me, but because she feels obligated to and that she is trying to use me in this situation too. It makes me have mixed emotions about the whole thing, and I need to get out.

I like my second job, but I have a feeling that this job isn't for me, really. So, I am praying really hard for that second interview and praying that whatever Father wills, I will be able to handle whatever comes my way, and be grateful and thankful for it...although, the greedy side of me is hoping that I get the job. I will give more details on that as soon as I hear more.

I am trying to write as much as I can so that I keep in the habit of being on this blog. Sometimes finding things to write about can be a pain, but in my case, it is a great big help in keeping me from letting my emotions get bottled up.

This blog keeps me spiritually centered too. If I am thinking of good things to write about, it brings up my heart and I am able to smile for the rest of the day. I have things to say that make others happy too, and that's a good thing. What was that old saying from Steel Magnolias? "Smile, it increases your face value"? Dolly Parton said it, I believe...well, I guess my face is worth a fortune at this point....lol Now I have that old song "Get Happy" from the movie with Judy Garland and Gene Kelly called Summerstock (remember the tuxedo/black hose/top hat deal that Liza eventually made even MORE famous?) "Forget all your troubles, come on get happy"...I have no idea as to why this song is on my mind now.

I believe that I will sit down and find a great movie to watch tonight...popcorn and hot cocoa sound like a winner to me.....
~Karol Lynn


Jen said...

I too have trouble coming up with stuff to write about on my blog. I mean - let's be honest - not every day has something worth talkinb about! I am always amazed at bloggers who post every day - sometimes more than once a day. I could never keep up with that either.

I blog when the mood stikes me.

Karollynn said...

Smart way to go about it...lol