13 November 2007

No News As Of Yet....Keep Praying Though

No news about the job yet...however yesterday a lot of companies were off for Veteran's Day, so maybe they were too and my interviewer forgot about that...ah well, I have until tomorrow night, and if they don't call, then I may call them.

I have been praying for this since I went on the first interview and I have this feeling that things will be alright and they will go well.

After blogging Saturday, I went home and sat on the couch...the last thing I remember is hearing the National Anthem sung for Nascar...I woke up in the middle of Wheel of Fortune. I am so burnt out working all these days in a row, yet I am trying to keep a positive spin on things...I know that sooner or later this is going towards some wonderful things-my own home and my own space.

I moved into my brother's room Sunday, so now I have some privacy now. I am glad because it makes it easier for me to sit down with pen and paper and write...and for prayer and meditation on my Faith. I am thankful for that.

I have yet to tell the people on that one site about what I am and what I have decided spiritually. I will wait for a while, and hopefully one or two will ask me what it is that I have found that gives me peace...there are at least three people on that site that I know of who are truly deluding themselves on their faith ( I know this because of they way they write their blogs, and they way they refer to God first). I am not going to push the issue, and I am not really going to say anything straight out, I like the thought that they don't know and they can't fight apologetics with me on this (let's face it, there are some "Christian Wiccans" on that site that are about three steps away from Catholics in their beliefs-how hard would it be to tell them about what I know, and what would they think?)...The guy that I was supposed to be with is one of those people who started out life as a Catholic, and I believe that he is still with the Faithful in his heart even if his mind fights it...there is one other and she is the one I am most concerned with right now because she is going along two paths that aren't meant for her and they make no sense at all...she spends time contradicting herself (in matters of the heart and spiritually).

I have the night off...I am going to go find a Starbucks and indulge for a little while...or I may go to the Catholic Shop and find something good to occupy my mind for the remainder of the day...lol I will go to bed at a decent hour tonight, since I have a lot of praying to do tonight for myself and for others.

I have been on fire with my faith lately, and I am so glad that I am...it opens up my world even more, and gives me peace....a promise Jesus gave-His peace...
~Karol Lynn

p.s. I may change the title to this blog...but not just yet.

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