08 November 2007

Job Interview

I went for a job interview today. It went very well.

My interviewer told me that when she saw my application, she "knew exactly where I should go within the company". It is a receptionist/cashier/technician type of job within this company...the pay is from $9-$11 an hour, and I would be able to work with people and by myself (she got this from the fact that I work in a dry cleaners during the day-a solitary job, and a restaurant at night-a job that requires people skills).

They will let me know if I come in for a second interview between Monday and Wednesday of next week...I did well today, let's pray that I can do well when I go back. Hopefully by December 1 I will have a new job and a new home all in one...wouldn't that be the best ending to this year.

Before and after my interview, I prayed and asked for prayers. I was amazed at how positive things went because I walked in the place and my first thought was that there was a chance that I wouldn't get the job. I prayed for Father's will in this and asked Him to show me how to handle this gracefully...whatever was to happen, would indeed happen and I would accept it as Father's plans for me. It looks like I will continue to pray for His will in this one. Hopefully others will help me in those prayers.

I do believe that my life is getting a lot smoother since I started coming back home to Him, and praying. Every where I turn there is evidence of Christ filled moments, and moments where I can fill the world with Christ without smothering the world...unless you are here...and I am sure that once things get back to normal for me, then I will tone down the Father and Jesus talk all of the time....lol

It was a funny day, I forgot that I didn't have pantyhose, and I couldn't find my shoes. I had to get dressed at my other job and then went shoe shopping-then it dawned on me that another "intimate garment" was missing from my wardrobe today and it is rather cold outside to be going around like that in a dress...I had to buy all three at the local Meijer store. I wonder what was running throught the cashier's mind as I paid for a pair of dress shoes, pantyhose, and another intimate item at once...that must have been some funny thoughts going through her mind......

~Karol Lynn

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Jen said...

I am thrilled that your job interview went so well. Will keep praying that you get a call back!

We all go through periods where our faith has to be more vocal - and periods where is needs to be less vocal. The important thing is knowing what the answer is when the important questions are asked. No problem there I daresay.

As for the shoes and pantyhose - I have been there done that! LOL!! I will tell you about the circumstances when you are older :)