09 October 2007


This is going to be a secondary blog to my original...this will contain other information for me to share myself with others, and give updates on me. I am just starting this one out, and this will be a great outlet so that my other blog can be my writing page, and maybe later on, I will include poetry somewhere else-here, or another blog here.

I like this blog site, I didn't realize that I could have multiple blogs in one place. It makes things interesting for me. I can now have two places to take myself-here on this site and Live Journal, and there I think I will be as much as here from now on...sounds like a plan.

Concerning my Myspace and the other site, I may end up slowing down on those two sites. I can't bring myself to dismantle my Myspace because I have some awesome friends there, so I will keep that as a poetry place and a place for those friends to connect with me.

As for here, I am looking forward to having things more organized and in one place for the time being!!!

Karol Lynn


Jen said...

Karol! My darling sister! I am so glad you are here. I have been sick this past week and having you here - even for a while - makes me feel 100% better!

I've missed you my friend! Hope all is well with you! Love you my Sister!! xoxoxoxox

Karollynn said...

I am soo glad you felt better just because I am here. You are dear to me, my friend!!