20 October 2007

That Page, The New Boss, That Guy, Nascar and Football

That page is still there. I went in to check and see if it was gone through a friend's page...I am still there. I wonder what's up with that one? If it's not gone by Monday, I will try one more time to get it deleted. It's funny that I am having so many problems getting the site shut down, maybe it's a sign that I need to stay there for someone there...who knows, I will figure it out in time, I guess.

I found out last night that my new boss likes me a lot, and he thinks I am doing a great job at my second job. He seems like a pain in the butt sometimes, but it's his livelihood, while it is only my temporary job...that's no wonder. I am glad he likes me and thinks I will fit in-it seems that everyone there likes me, including a lot of the regular customers. I like that...it means that I will enjoy this environment much better than the other second job I had been working.

I have to write to that guy one last time so that he understands that I am not out to mess up his life, because now he feels disillusioned by me and what has gone on. The truth is that he created quite a bit of our relationship in his mind-and for a while, so did I. Our relationship was based on text messaging and one or two calls a week it I was lucky...nothing else, really. There was not a face to fit into this, and I just can't live like that.

You know what I need? I just need a kind, hard working, intelligent Catholic man. He doesn't have to be overzealous about religion, just truly grounded in his Faith and in his love for the Holy Trinity. I need someone who is willing to worship with me, and pray with me. No theatrics, just love and a shared faith base. Actually, I would love to have a man like Jen's hubby-who is all of these things, except not Catholic, but a definite Christian man...this man is grounded in his love for faith and family-that's the kind of guy I want...oh yeah, and he must love me-that's a given...lol

Halloween is fast approaching, and it puts me in mind of my friend's who are celebrating Samhain that night. I will pray for them...that whatever they wish, need, or want during their celebrations and rituals that night come to fruition. That is the night they celebrate the death of their god (s). They believe that they must rejoice in this, not be sad because their god will be reborn during Yule eve from the goddess...that day is ironically enough December 21...4 days before the celebrations of Christmas. I just want ALL of my friends to be very happy and content throughout the entire holiday season...no matter what they are celebrating.

Today is a nice day to go out walking. I think that I will do that before going home today. I want to clear my head before I have to hear the roar of the engines of Nascar as my parents watch the races...somehow, while I am not a fan, I am secretly giddy every time Jeff Gordon wins a race, and gets ahead in the points...hate the sport, love Jeff Gordon (usually Nascar fans say the opposite sometimes..lol)-now there is a nice handsome man-wait! He's married and his wife just had a baby this past year-DARN!!!! LOL I still hate Nascar though.

Yes, I am a football fan, although my Cincinnati Bengals need a bit of a wake up call this year. I do believe it will happen sooner or later. They are a great team, but some thing's not right with them this year. Hopefully they iron this out soon-we don't want to be defeated to badly by Pittsburgh after they way we played them last year-that would be embarrassing and insulting!! LOL

~Karol Lynn

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Jen said...

Karol - you are such a sweetheart. You feel no bitterness for hardly anyone and I wholeheartedly wish I could be like you Sister!

What is up with the other page not deleting? Maybe it takes a few hours for it to take effect? Deleting something or canceling a subscription are WAY more difficult than they should be, no matter what it is.

I will be praying for a peaceful resolution between you and That Guy. He is faily shortsighted if he cannot see where you are coming from on this.

Good luck with your new second job! I am glad to hear the someone actually likes their boss and that thier work environment is decent!

Oh, and about the 50 cents - here's a dollar so you can call twice! LOL!!